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"For a tree to become tall, it must
grow tough roots among the rocks."
~ Friedrich Nietzsche 

The Oakville Fertility and Women’s Health Centre is an integrated team of highly engaged and certified professionals, providing our patients with a compassionate, supportive and genuinely personalized fertility and women’s health experience.

Who we are:
Integrated:  Our team and partners include experts from every aspect of health care needed to assist our patients through the intricacy of fertility treatment and women’s health.

Engaged: Our team is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about  our work and are committed to providing our patients with guidance every step of the way.

Certified: With a qualified surgeon with a sub specialty in female fertility leading our team, we strive to provide individualized education for our patients.

What you can expect:
Our team is personally committed to demonstrating compassionate care at all stages of the patient journey.

Support:  Listening to our patients is extremely important to us and an open dialogue ensures that our patients feel supported at all times. 

Personalization: We  are committed to treat every patient with a fresh view and genuinely personalize their care program.


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