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Fertility Care:

As a fully trained fertility specialist, Dr. Elford offers comprehensive fertility care, from the initial work-up of both partners (covered by OHIP), to management including: cycle monitoring, ovulation induction with medications, intrauterine insemination (sperm washing), and in vitro fertilization (IVF).  Our on site laboratory for blood work and sperm and our ultrasound unit mean results are available within a few hours


Recurrent Pregnancy Loss:

We offer work up and management for recurrent pregnancy loss, as appropriate. Most of the full work up is covered under OHIP for women under the age of 35 who have had three or more miscarriages, and for women over the age of 35 who have had two or more miscarriages.


Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic:

In association with the Oakville hospital, we offer care to women very early in their pregnancy.  Whether there is bleeding/cramping or concerns about an ectopic pregnancy we are able to assess patients within two(2) days of their contacting our office.  With a referral we can provide blood and ultrasound monitoring for the first trimester and set up all non invasive prenatal testing


Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology:

Children and teenagers represent a special population for the gynaecologist, and seeing doctors trained in their special needs is important. We offer investigation and management of anatomical issues (imperforate or septate hymen etc.), issues with delayed or early puberty, issues with periods in teenagers, and issues surrounding sexuality and contraception. We also offer counseling and vaccination for HPV in our clinic. Often, reassurance that what a child or adolescent is going through is normal is all that is needed, but if surgical management is required, Dr. Elford has extra training in the area.


Complicated Operative Management:

Unlike many infertility specialists in the GTA, Dr. Elford maintains hospital privileges at the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, which allows us to offer advanced surgical management to women in their own community. Dr.Elford is laser certified, and offers laser laparoscopy for endometriosis and adhesions. She performs fibroid surgery, tuboplasties as well as tubal reversal procedures.  Because of her extra skills with complicated operative cases, patients are often referred to her from other centers for their management.


Early Pregnancy Care:

For patients who are under our care, whether for fertility or recurrent pregnancy losses that do become pregnant, we offer early pregnancy monitoring with ultrasound and blood work, as well as early antenatal care. We can also arrange for integrated prenatal screening (screening during pregnancy for down syndrome, spina bifida and other issues). Patients are followed for the first trimester, then referred to an obstetrician, family doctor who provides obstetric care, or midwife, as per the patient's preference.


Well-Woman Care:

In addition to providing fertility and antenatal care, we also offer general well-woman care, especially for women in the peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal time. The World Health Initiative (WHI) Trial has left many women and their doctors with many questions about the best management for symptoms of menopause, which we can discuss thoroughly before deciding on the most appropriate course of management (if any).


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